The government of Italy from 10 may to suspend the Schengen agreement about open borders and introduce temporary border controls. This is due to the holding of the summit “the Big seven” in Taormina on the island of Sicily, which is scheduled for may 26-27, according to Italian publication Il Messaggero.

“In connection with the G7 summit in Taormina, from may 10 to the end of the month will be temporarily introduced controls at the internal borders of the country, as well as land, air and sea checkpoints in Italy”, – said the Minister of internal Affairs of Italy Marco Minniti.

He said that the suspension of Schengen article 25 of the Schengen agreement.

Representatives of the Ministry of interior of Italy is recommended citizens to refrain from visiting Taormina for a specified period.

At the time of the summit, the fishermen will not be allowed to go to sea and tourists continue to swim 50 m from the shoreline. In addition, the local ports will temporarily close for ships, including cruise. Ports will be used solely for logistical purposes.

It is expected that in Taormina during the summit of G7 will come more than 20 thousand people.

The Schengen area includes 26 European countries. Between States within the Schengen area is no passport and immigration control.

The “big seven” (G7) – the seven largest economies in the world. The group includes USA, Germany, Japan, UK, France, Italy and Canada.

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